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Most Americans, in one way or another, suffer from chronic pain and believe that their only treatment
options are prescription medications or surgery. Unfortunately, when medications do not work, they are prescribed stronger and stronger pain medications to relieve the pain. As a result, they become dependent on getting through the day. It is no wonder we have an opioid epidemic in this country.

Other healthy alternatives are increasing in popularity and have been around for many years for the treatment of chronic pain. Chiropractic looks for the cause of your pain rather than cover it up with drugs or surgery. By correcting misalignments at the spine, chiropractic care has been proven to be an effective method to treat chronic pain. Living with pain is not a natural event for your body. It is the body’s innate informing you that there is something wrong happening within your body. With chiropractic care, it provides a way to identify the cause of pain, rather than to treat the pain itself.

Other alternative avenues targeting chronic pain that works well with chiropractic are massage, yoga, and acupuncture. These alternatives improve the body’s health to help eliminate chronic pain allowing your body to function at its best in conjunction with chiropractic care. Get back to your quality of life that you deserve.

Schedule your chiropractic appointment at Fogarty Chiropractic at (321) 636-5200. Here at the clinic we will help with your chronic pain.

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