Is a Pinched Nerve Making Your Life Miserable?

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Have you ever turned your head the wrong way only to have a sharp pain stop you dead in your tracks? Have you ever turned and bent over to pick up a small insignificant object only to have a sharp pain occur in your low back? Have you woken up with pins and needles in your hands or sharp momentary pain down your leg?
This is what people call a pinched nerve. In the chiropractic world, it’s called a subluxation, a warning sign that there is a deeper issue occurring within your body. A subluxation is a vertebra out of place trapping the soft spinal nerve that leads to the muscles and internal organs of your body.
Subluxations are caused by physical, chemical, or emotional stressors that fester into your
body like a cavity in your tooth. Seemingly a little bit of pressure on the nerve is a small thing,
but over time just like a cavity. If left undetected, it causes greater effects on the body
affecting your overall health.
Doctors of chiropractic are trained to analyze your body for subluxation and use gentle
chiropractic techniques to adjust the area and correct the cause of the problem. A chiropractic
analysis and adjustment can relieve your body of the subluxations that might be making your
life miserable. To call for your appointment today, contact Fogarty Chiropractic Life Clinic at
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CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Kevin on his 38th year in practice. YES, he started when he was 12!!!

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